Welcome to Whitley Village, Cheshire

December 2017
Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd: 10am-4pm: 
Christmas Extravaganza Walton Lea

Tuesday 5th 18:30 : Christingle Service at St. Luke's

January 2018

Whitley is a small village in rural Cheshire. It is made up of Higher Whitley to the North and East and Lower Whitley to the South and West. Higher Whitley includes a separate small residential area of Norcott Brook

Key social hubs include the Chetwode Arms, St. Lukes Church and the Village Hall. As well as the Village School and the Birch & Bottle (Chang Noi). The focal point of the village is a medium sized pond known as 'Town Pit', now registered as a village green

This website seeks to complement the Village News by broadcasting a little more widely the key events which take place within the village which are open to everyone to enjoy. 

If there is any information you would like to see contained within this website then please let us know via our 'Contact' page. 
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